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Botanical Exhibit™

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“I'm spending an extraordinary amount of time in my home office these days (who isn't?), and I needed something to perk it up. I wanted plants, and I wanted them grouped, but I didn't want to take up much room or make anything feel closed-in. Now I have a space of pure happiness and sunshine right near my desk. It looks beautiful and functions exactly as I hoped and expected."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Autumn Kourkoulis
Verified Buyer 

Spaces dedicated to long working hours or for relaxation need more than a comfortable set of furniture. The room should also include an assortment of greenery to give our eyes a much-needed break. A recent study shows rooms with plants are simply more appealing, and attractive spaces effectively reduce stress.

Botanical Exhibit™ amplifies the therapeutic effects of indoor gardens while ensuring a beautifully cohesive interior by providing multi-tier shelving. Its stained finish showcases a piece of functional yet sustainable furniture that complements the overall natural charm of indoor plants.


MULTI-LAYERED SHELF: The shelf provides the well-needed space with its wide and spacious racks with a high and low garden plant shelf. This allows each plant to have a suitable placement for optimal growth.

FENCE DESIGN: Stronger bearings, thicker woods, and proper distancing between the batten reduce safety hazards. The stand is capable of handling multiple plants with varying and heavier weights.

NON-TOXIC CARBONIZATION: Colored or stained shelves often contain large quantities of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that contribute to climate change and are toxic when inhaled. Instead of spraying, the stand is carbonized at 300° C, limiting the carbon footprint while increasing the heat and moisture resistance

AESTHETICALLY PLEASING: Botanical Exhibit™ brings out the inherently homely appearance of plants. The use of natural wood in combination with indoor plants creates a quaint, snug, and rustic environment in any room. 

EASY TO USE: This 5-tier plant shelf comes with four convenient and detachable universal wheels with brakes to quickly move around for decoration and cleaning purposes. If needed, it can be simply attached with a screwdriver.


Searching for shelves, and racks that allow a multi-tier and balanced space for your plants while still complementing the room's interior is frustrating. We understand that when you do find one, they often fit only a limited-sized and shaped space that gives all your indoor plants unfavorable growth conditions.

Fortunately, Botanical Exhibit™ is designed explicitly for passionate plant owners that deliver the best care for their plant babies. Its durable structure provides both the relaxing space aesthetic and high-capacity shelving that’s difficult to find. Adding a taste of the outdoors in your humble abode has never been easier



Height: 37 in
Width: 37 in


(1) 37 in Layer Rack
(1) 20 in Layer Rack Dental Probe
(2) 15 in Layer Rack
(2) 8 in Layer Rack
(4) 37 in Pillar
(4) 18 in Pillar
(28) Screws


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