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Bohemian Edge™

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"I've been looking for these everywhere for my sister but i couldn't find any :(. THANK GOD I SAW AN AD FOR THIS IN FACEBOOK FROM FASHION PROERA?! its surprsingly better than expected!  I got one for my sister and she loved it <3 With these, she says they stay flat up against her ear and they don’t shift and it’s a nice size Crystal so they look really pretty and beautiful and do not fall off."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Olivia Harding
Verified Buyer 

A recent study shows that 78% of women buy jewelry for themselves as part of the "treat-yo-self" trend. Sweetie, loving yourself first and foremost is truly part of building self-confidence. So do it with style and class!

Bohemian Edge™ earrings so adorned with stunning decorations that even the Goddesses themselves would have worn these. Suitable for any earthly deity for the unbreakable confidence through comfortable beauty. 


Premium Craftsmanship: The elongated sleek crawler hook emphasizes the face, further showcasing natural beauty. With a touch of subtle fine detailing, Bohemian Edge™ is a gem to discover. 

Versatile: Bohemian Edge™ is a timeless piece for the ages. With the lustrous inclusion of classic metals, date nights, awards nights, weddings and everyday wonders are always memorable

Adjustable: Stud earrings only long good at one angle. Bohemian Edge™’s multidimensionality provides an adjustable look for ALL face shapes, sizes, and piercings bringing out the confidence hidden by ordinary studs. 

Comfortable: Cuff earrings are notorious for being uncomfortable and itchy. Bohemian Edge™ has thoughtfully dulled the edges on the hook for unrivaled pain-free beauty.

Durable: Made with Zinc Alloy,  Bohemian Edge™ is as unbreakable as your new-found confidence. Bohemian Edge™ was made to endure the years. 

Lightweight: Dangling earrings create a droopy heavy feel, but never with Bohemian Edge™. Its thin, and light construction makes it easier to wear for longer periods. 

We understand the difficulty of finding a versatile and long-lasting earpiece, one that could eventually be a family heirloom. Just imagine wearing the premium craftsmanship of Bohemian Edge™.

For every memory you make, every success achieved, Bohemian Edge™ is with you every step of the way. This beautifully ornate keepsake is made to last

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