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BlindSpot 180ºAssist™

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"This mirror functions well as described. Instead of mounting on the screen, I removed the attachment arms and used the holes to zip tie it to the OEM windshield base (thanks to Ryker Rides for the tip). It is secure and perfectly positioned to give me a total 180-degree view behind me. There are no more blind spots. this is a great addition for riding safety.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ -  Maria Tomas 
Verified Buyer

Revving down the highway, overtaking each car that can’t keep up is one way to romanticize “living on the edge” on a motorcycle. There’s nothing wrong with a need for speed but you should always put safety above all, especially when switching lanes. A recent study shows that 42% of all accidents involving a motorcycle are when they try to overtake a car

BlindSpot 180ºAssist™ eliminates the potential hazard zones in motorcycles and the hassle of buying multiple front mirrors through its parabolic curve design. Made specifically for two-wheel vehicles to endure all weather and road conditions. This everyday technology, improve security, visibility, and create a safer ride.



EXPANDED LINE OF SIGHT: The rearview mirror utilizes a convex mirror for a wider unobstructed viewing to be used in concert with the standard rearview mirrors. Unlike flat mirrors, the vertical curve design prevents reflective sunlight from blocking the rider’s sight.

EFFORTLESS COMPATIBILITY: Suitable for most motorcycles, cruisers, sport-bikes, scooters, and ATV/UTVs, simply mount on the center of the windshield. For a stronger grip, clean the windshield with alcohol first.  

EASY ADJUSTMENT: Just as how a car’s rearview mirror, this also can be adjusted to the rider’s height and desired angle. Cover all angles, and adjust the panoramic view with a single hand, if and when needed.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: The ABS material integrated into the construction providesa durable, stain and scratch-resistant mirror. With the chromed surface treatment, the additional safety accessory adds a subtle elegant finish.

We understand that rushing through the city traffic can make us unintentionally disregard basic safety rules. Worse comes to worst, getting caught in an accident is not just because of speeding, sometimes you just don’t see the car behind you. Studies show that a limited view of motorcycles is almost 50% of multiple vehicle accidents. 

Navigate the road safely with BlindSpot 180ºAssist™’s panoramic viewing.The standard motorcycle accessory has an engineered parabolic curve design that produces the best field of vision while o the road. Now go wherever the road takes you, and return safe and sound


Length: 7.05 in
Width: 3.34 in


(1) 180º Rearview Mirror


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