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Beyond Crystal™

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“I bought 4 of these, 3 as gifts and one for myself. I am absolutely happy with them and the recipients loved them, too!!! So it was a winning purchase. Since they can't be put in direct sunlight due to fire hazards, it is a bit difficult to find the right spot to display the clear, bright beauty of the glass. I find myself picking up the ball and just gently moving it about in my hand almost every time I go past it. It feels wonderful.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Alison Brooks
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Nowadays with each smartphone upgrade, anyone can be a photographer but not everyone can be a great one. Both experienced and newbies alike encounter digital photography issues that produce a messy and off-putting image. A recent study shows that among the top 10 most common photography problems are framing and composition

Beyond Crystal™ transforms ordinary scenes into a mesmerizing image focal point by capturing a background within a premium made clear crystal ball. When not in use for photography, the ball assists in bringing metaphysical balance to your home. With the ball’s everyday use versatility, have your little piece of the world in your hands.


REFRACTION PHOTOGRAPHY: For beginner photographers with no prior photo editing experience, this crystal glass ball lens helps achieve the distinct structural framing effect for sceneries. The small-scale accessory makes it easier to pack for a photo walk.

 ECCENTRIC DECOR: The clear chandelier glass provides a variety of interior design possibilities from modern elegance when placed on gold or silver-colored stand. While placing it atop a plush fabric or a varnished wooden stand refines a bohemian-themed space.

METAPHYSICAL ORNAMENT: Used for feng shui and divination, crystal balls are believed to bring harmony, amplify energies, cultivate clarity and focus in workspaces. For metaphysical healing, crystal balls also work hand in hand with chakra sets to equally emit healing energies in shared spaces.

PREMIUM CONSTRUCTION: Built to endure the test of time, it’s made of quality k9 crystal with specialized surface processing for a scratch-free surface. The sphere is flawlessly smooth with no bubble formation. 


We understand that for beginners to do crystal ball lens photography, trying to photograph a whole background scenery within the frame of the ball is a bit tricky. It is frustrating to keep looking for a position to put the crystal ball in a safe position that won’t damage the surface. After all, the clear glass material seems too delicate and fragile to move around.

Appreciate the simplicity of a great photograph with Beyond Crystal™’s natural frame effect. Its specialized processing helps protect the ball from simple surface scratches. While the earthly tone that the clear crystal provides complements wooden stands, textured fabrics, and scenic backgrounds. 


Size: 3.94 in


(1) Clear Crystal Ball 


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