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Bare Wear™

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“I ordered these shoes for a trip to Kauai and they withstood everything I put them up to hiking steep muddy trails, crossing a river on slippery rocks during a canoe trip, walking on rocky shores, exploring tide pools, and just plain walking around town. So far so good. I’ll be taking them on an upcoming camping trip soon because these shoes do exactly what they were built for.”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Hollie Kassell
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Aside from swimming, trail hiking is another popular summer activity for vacationers on tropical islands. Going through uncharted terrain and surfaces on land and water can cause serious injuries without the proper footwear. A recent study shows that ankles are a common site for sprains and strains which occur on scree and downward slopes.

Bare Wear™ creates a barefoot-like experience by integrating heavy-duty construction with a lightweight design. The breathable honeycomb mesh for a quick-dry feature plus the outsole shock absorbers redefines moisture-wicking comfort. Fully immerse yourself in each outdoor activity with this versatile footwear.



BREATHABLE UPPER MESH: The mesh fabric construction allows for better air circulation, keeping the feet cool throughout the outdoor activity. Its quick-dry feature eliminates the uncomfortable water build-up if used seaside.

LIGHTWEIGHT: Made for prolonged usage, the shoe has a wrap-around honeycomb design that provides a weightless feel for enhanced stability. Helping prevent any accidental misstep caused by being unbalanced. 

EASY WEAR: The two main shoe variants come in either a strap-on lace or an upgraded bungee shoelace with lace locks and clips. By simply removing the fabric shoelace altogether, the shoe provides better tightness adjustability while providing safety.

A-GRADE TRACTION: Even in the water, the shoe provides a reliable grasping performance. Integrated along the traction outsole are the shoe patches designed to minimize the shock from hard and uneven surfaces. 

FEET PROTECTION: Its shoe cap built protects the feet from spikes, and sharp edges while walking. The full-coverage protection also evenly wraps, unlike sandals or slippers.

We understand the fear of stepping on rocks and seashells when walking along the shoreline or swimming even in the shallow parts of the water. Since, a misstep can cause a scratch, wound and or injury. This is why aqua shoes are essential even for simple water activities.

Comfortably walk from the beautiful cliffside to the sandy beach and warm waters with Bare Wear™. The pair of shoes can easily be worn with their bungee shoelaces that securely fit the feet. Its outsole traction and quick drainage design allow for a safe transition from the water to dry land and vice versa. 




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