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Wonder Lift™ Size and FAQ

Everyday wear: Our customers use our Wonder Lifts for everyday wear no matter the occasion. We offer comfortable beauty that triumphs over just style

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do the Wonder Lifts itch and scratch? 

Absolutely not! Our Wonder Lifts are designed to remove the pang of wired and strapped bras. It’s also made from breathable fabric so the tightness isn’t too much that it would make you itch. 

Do the Wonder Lifts make your breasts look bigger?

The additional padded support makes your breasts look almost a full cup size bigger.  It’s also evenly placed so your breasts are centered and symmetrical-looking.

Do they fit plus size bodies?

Currently, Wonder Lifts are made from cups AA to B only. 

Do they fit petite women?

Yes to the yes! Wonder Lifts comes in cup AA size. 

Can you use Wonder Lifts for off shoulder dresses and/ or gowns?

Absolutely! They’re wireless, strapless and neutral in color. You can easily hide the fact that you’re wearing a bra, and still look stunning.