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Visor Beam™ Size and FAQ

Effortless Beauty: Our customers enjoy a more convenient way of putting on makeup even if they’re in a rush! Visor Beam™, keeping things easy breezy for every girl boss.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Visor Beam™ come with two mirrors?

At the moment, it only comes with one Visor Beam™. However, to ensure ease of use, each Visor Beam™ has two ports to be placed either on the right or left sun visor. 

How do I attach the mirror to my sun visor?

Our Visor Beam™ comes with a velcro strap so you can easily wrap around the two velcro straps on your sun flaps!

How do I turn on the lights?

To turn on the lights, first, keep the USB charging cable plugged in a power source. Then choose the preferred light and color temperature, press the left sensor for a cooler color and the right color for a brighter color.