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Ventosa Rejuvenate™ Size and FAQ

Integrating Tradition with Technology: Our customers appreciate the ability to safely practice alternative medicine at their own convenience. Ventosa Rejuvenate™, revitalize as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you wet the massager for wet cupping? 

Yes, you can! We recommend applying a bit of water on the pad of the massager to improve comfort and the intensity of the massage. This does not, however, mean that the entire device is waterproof. 

Can this be used on the face?

The device can only be used on the arms, legs, hands, feet and body. 

Is my skin turning red a normal effect?

Yes, it is! Part of the noticeable effect of cupping therapy is the redness around the area of where it was suctioned.

Is the massage battery operated?

The portable cupping massager is rechargeable for added convenience.