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Total Band™ Size and FAQ

Innovative Design: Our customers enjoy the impeccably smooth-sailing security provided by Total Band™. For a full range of comfortable performance, Total Band™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can people with thick hair use Total Band™?

Absolutely yes! Total Band™ has full coverage to make sure each hair strand is neatly tucked in and secured. 

Is Total Band™ too tight around the head?

Our Total Band™ is crafted for the most comfortable experience yet! It’s brilliantly designed with a ponytail insert to eliminate extreme discomfort from spandex fabric. 

Can Total Band™ cover my ears?

Yes, it can! Total Band™ doubles as a thermal warmer with insulated lining to protect your ears from frostbites. 

Can I machine wash Total Band™?

Our Total Band™ doesn’t shrink nor fade after washing. It’s undoubtedly made for all kinds of weather and seasons! 

Does Total Band™ have those no-slippage features?

Each Total Band™ is meticulously crafted to ensure that no one would have to experience annoying slipping of headbands, especially when doing the things they love!