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SubAqua Gear™ Size and FAQ

Seamless Views: Our customers enjoy the panoramic views and easy-to-breath features that make them feel like they’re in an immersive aquarium show. Staying as calm as the waves, SubAqua Gear™.


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Does SubAqua Gear™ prevent sand from entering?

To prevent the sand from clogging the bottom, the bottom is redesigned for faster drainage. 

Is SubAqua Gear™ round or flat?

Our snorkeling mask is flat for better viewing and to eliminate distortion.

Can you go deep with SubAqua Gear™?

Like all snorkeling masks, we recommend that you use it for their intended purpose of surface snorkeling, and recreational swimming. It’s not made for scuba diving or swims that go beyond 3 feet. 

Is SubAqua Gear™’s snorkel detachable?

The snorkel is built-in but it can be folded into the mask after use for easier storage.