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Spice Automate™ Size and FAQ

Great Meals: Our customers enjoy the ease of preparing and cooking a meal that is made even better with audible conversations. Spice Automate™ eases the process for every aspiring cook. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I turn on the guiding light?

The red LED light automatically turns on when the grinder is in use to help ensure proper seasoning even in a low-light setting. 

How do I know if it’s almost low battery?

The LED lights will flicker as a signal to charge. While charging, the white indicator light will flicker.

Is this easy enough for people with dexterity issues to use?

Absolutely yes! We integrated the tactile push-button to assist people with arthritis and other disabilities that limit their cooking. We want everyone to enjoy the beauty of cooking!

Do they “leak” when they sit on the counter?

Certainly not! The chamber is made with airtight food-grade material that not only keeps spices fresh but also prevents any leak. 

Does it come with salt and pepper already inside the mills?

Aside from the spice grinder, the only included accessories are the charging cable and user manual only.