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Royale Massager™ Size and FAQ

Art of Relaxation: Our customers experience what true rest and relaxation means- the gentle massage that lulls any tired and weary soul. Royale Massage™, a touch of paradise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does the different kneading nodes of Royale Massager™ mean?

Essentially, Royale Massager™ aims to relieve stress and muscle tensions through deep kneading/massaging painful "knots" or nodules. With this deeper layers of muscles through the movement of each kneading nodes apply both firm pressure and slow strokes that loosens these knots. We recommend Royal Massager™'s 8 and 12 kneading node massage pillows for those with harder to loosen nodules.

Does Royale Massager™ also act as a hot compress?

Yes, and even better! Our Royale Massager™ is embedded with PTC heat technology for a speedy heating. Once the start button is pressed, the massage pillow emits a calming warmth and the kneading nodes would start caressing every painful and tensed muscles.

Would Royale Massager™ overheat after long period of use?

Absolutely not! Each Royale Massager™ has a safety mode feature. With this, after 15 minutes of intense use and or idleness, it would automatically shut down to prevent overheating. 

How do you use Royale Massage™? 

Our Royale Massager™ operates with a one-touch button system:

For the ON/OFF button:

  • Press once to start the hot compress and kneading.
  • Press twice to start hot compress and reverse the kneading direction
  • Press thrice to close the hot compress
  • Press four times to close the machine

For the Magnotherapy button of those with 8 and 12 kneading nodes:

  • Press any of the three buttons to have auxiliary therapeutic effect on hypertension, arthritis, contusion and cervical spondylosis.

For the Speed button:

  • Press once for a moderate speed level
  • Press twice for a medium speed level
  • Press thrice for the fasted speed level

What kind of massages does Royale Massager™ offer

Each Royale Massager™ provides a waist, neck, shoulder, hand, thigh and back massage. It can also double as a relaxing hot compress for those with painful period cramps!