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Roll Keys™ Size and FAQ

Practice Makes Permanent: Our customers enjoy the portable piano which allows them to practice practically anywhere they want. Roll Keys™, effortlessly fall in love with the piano. 



Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the foldable piano rechargeable?

Our roll-up piano is powered by a battery and the data cable provided. Batteries, however, are not included. 

Can you use wireless earphones?

At the moment, the device is only compatible with earphones, or headphones with a phone connector since it has a headphone jack.

Are the keys the same number as a standard grand piano?

This electric foldable piano has only 49 keys, unlike the standard 88 keys. Although the keys are limited, it does not hinder you from learning how to play nor does it hinder you from producing music with the standard notes. 

Is the 49 keys enough to play a song?

Yes, it is! With the 49 keys, you can learn several fundamental techniques that include playing chores, simple melodies, playing bass along with melodies, and playing simple two-handed songs. 

Are the keys raised so you can feel them?

The keys are slightly elevated for tactility to create a more natural feel and rhythm despite the lightweight design.