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Pupper Booster™ Size and FAQ

Safety Booster: Our customers enjoy a fully-equipped dog car seat that has all the essentials for a comfortable and safe trip with their best buds. Pupper Booster™, making happy trips possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does the booster attach to the dog to secure them?

Absolutely yes! It has a clip to hold the dog in by a harness. We discourage attaching the clip to a dog’s collar as this may strangle them unintentionally. 

Can the booster be elevated so the dog can see through the window?

Yes, it can! Two adjustable buckle straps can help elevate the seat  However this only works for small and light dogs that are 6kg or less.

Would the booster work on a bike or motorcycle? 

Our Pupper Booster™ is suitable for all types of cars that have a proper headrest since two straps go around it. We do not recommend using the car seat in any other vehicle for safety reasons.

Is the booster machine washable?

Pupper Booster™ comes with a waterproof bottom that can be detached to clean. To do so, simply remove the bottom padding, and wash with soap and water, and hang to dry. Do not put it in the washing machine.