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ProGaming Board™ Size and FAQ

Performance Driven Keypad: Our customers enjoy having a compact keypad that gives more room for mouse movement while ensuring quicker command response. ProGaming Board™, mastering the game for your success.

Frequently Answered Questions

Can you customize the RGB light of each key?

At the moment, the 9-color and 5-mode RGB backlit keyboard only change the entire keypad color. 

Light adjustment method:

  • FN+F5: Cyclically switch 6 light modes;
  • FN+5/6: Turn up/down the brightness of the light.

Do you use a hard disk for the macros?

The customized keys or known as macros need to be programmed.

Macro recording method:

  1. Press FN+F1, F1 light up, enter the recording state;
  2. Enter what you need to record;
  3. Press FN+F1 to end recording. The macro recording has been completed, press F1, the corresponding content will be output.
  4. The recording method of F2, F3, F4 is the same as F1.
  5. If you want to clear the recording, just press FN+ESC to reset.

    What devices are the keypad compatible with?

    ProGmaing Board™ is compatible with the following device and software:


    • PS4
    • Xbox One
    • Laptop and PC Computer Games


    • Win 2000
    • Win XP
    • Win ME
    • Win Vista
    • Win7
    • Win8
    • Win10
    • Linux