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Pedi Repair™ Size and FAQ

Balanced Softness: Our customers enjoy the ever convenient at-home professional foot spa. Pedi Repair™, restoring the balance of softness and protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I smoothen hard-to-remove calluses?

Absolutely, yes! Pedi Repair™ has a two-speed adjustment and three replaceable grinding heads to fit all your exfoliating needs!

  • Fine Grinding Head: Suitable for removing dead skin, and callus. It’s best for people with delicate skin
  • Medium Grinding Head: Suitable for newly formed calluses. It’s best for normal skincare.
  • Rough Grinding Head: Suitable for years of accumulation of thick skin.

Can I use Pedi Repair™ to exfoliate other parts of my body?

Yes, you can! Our Pedi Repair™ can be used to exfoliate even your hands!

How do I replace the grinding head?

To replace the grinding head:

  1. Make sure the power supply is disconnected and the machine is shut down before replacing it.
  2. Press the grinding head replacement button and the grinding head will be opened and removed.
  3. When replacing the grinding head, put a new grinding head into the product until you hear the sound of "click". Make sure that the newly installed grinding head has in place. If the grinding head is not connected well, do not press the product button.

How long do you need to charge Pedi Repair™?

A single charge of Pedi Repair™ allows a little more than 90 minutes of usage. Simply insert the USB cable into the charging hole of the body and connect the other end to a power brick, USB port of a computer, or power bank. The charging indicator light will stop flashing.

Note: Charging time should not exceed 12 hours.