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Peaceful Haven™ Size and FAQ

Joyful Listlessness: Our customers enjoy a guaranteed day of relaxation outdoors with the ever-convenient and functional hammock that Peaceful Haven™ provides. Peaceful Haven™, effortlessly climb into serenity everywhere life may take you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can more than one person fit in Peaceful Heaven™?

Certainly, yes! Peaceful Haven™ is spacious enough to fit at least two people. It can hold up to 200kg!

Does Peaceful Haven™ prevent bugs from getting in?

The 2-in-1 function of Peaceful Haven™ allows for an easy transformation from a normal tree hammock to a pop-up mosquito net to prevent flies, bugs, and mosquitoes from ruining your day.

Is Peaceful Haven™ portable?

Yes, yes it is! Each Peaceful Haven™ comes with a storage bag. For better portability, Peaceful Haven™’s structured form allows a simple bending to fold and store!

Is Peaceful Haven™ washable?

Yes! Our Peaceful Haven™ can be machine washed and tumble dry.