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One Mount™ Size and FAQ

Convenient Road Safety:Our customers enjoy accessible and stable viewing of incoming calls and messages while on the road. One Mount™, built for easy driving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of phones fit in One Mount™?

The beauty of our One Mount™ is its clamp versatility. All iPhones and Android smartphones, even with a thick case, can fit. Rest assured the two side clamps and the bottom clamp would secure your phone.

Can One mount™ fit in ALL car cup holders?

Each of our One Mount™ can fit in most standard-sized cup holders with a width of between 3 inches to 4 inches. The secured and perfect fitting eliminates flimsy phone holder issues!

Can I adjust the length of One Mount™'s gooseneck?

Absolutely, yes! For closer proximity viewing. the gooseneck can be shortened, and if needed to be further away, it can be made longer.