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Nasal Nanny™ Size and FAQ

Effortless Relief: Our customers enjoy an automatic nasal aspirator that does all the work for you. Nasal Nanny™, peaceful slumber for you and your babies.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often do you clean the aspirator?

We recommend cleaning the product after use. Simply detach the accessories and then rinse directly under the tap or wash in hot water.

Does it work with batteries, too?

Our nasal aspirator is charged using the included USB cable and does not need to have its battery replaced every now and then.

Can this aspirator be used on children 2 years and above?

Absolutely, yes! The aspirator set comes with four different nozzles made specifically for the varying stages of development of babies.

  • For newborns use either the gourd-shaped or gourd-shaped oblique mouth
  • For babies over 1 year old use the funnel shaped or funnel shaped oblique mouth