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Microblade Pen™ Size and FAQ

Gorgeous Framing: Our customers enjoy an every day look that highlights their best facial features through a well-defined brows. Microblade Pen™, embracing intrinsic beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Microblade Pen™ if I have an oily skin or sweat a lot?

Absolutely, yes! Each Microblade Pen™ is thoughtfully crafted to create a stunning water-resistant make-up tool. This provides every day confidence to women with oily type skin, women under the heat all day and women who have an active lifestyle.

What's the best Microblade Pen™ shade on me?

Our Microblade Pen™ is made to match not only your skin tone but your hair color, too:

  • Toffee is best for those with dark brown or medium hair.
  • Hazelnut is best for those with black or light brown hair.
  • Suntone is best for those with blonde or light brown hair.
  • Ebony is best for those with brunette or black hair. 

How do I use Microblade Pen™?

Simply raise your Microblade Pen™ tip on a 45 degree angle, and draw your eyebrows along the line of the hair growth. Then use the wider area of your pen tip to fill in your brows, and/or use the narrower area to draw or polish your brows. Lastly, for the final touches, just fill in the gap to ensure the perfect brows.