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Luxe Blanket™ Size and FAQ

Luxury Comfort: Our customers enjoy a satisfying rest and relaxation with Luxe Blanket™’s visually appealing, and utterly snug throw blanket.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is Luxe Blanket™ hypoallergenic?

Absolutely yes! Each of our Luxe Blanket™ are meticoluosly made and sewn to eliminate shedding worries, and prevent any allergic reactions brought by shedded fur.

Is Luxe Blanket™ a weighted blanket?

Our Luxe Blanket™ are made with breathable and lightweight fabric for the right amount of warmth and comfort. With the 7-layer design, Luxe Blanket™s are made to have the same benefit any other weighted blanket benefit of better sleep.

Does Luxe Blanket™ shrink after washing?

Of course not! Luxe Blanket™ are made with durable100% microfiber polyester fabric to ensure no fading and shrinking.

Is Luxe Blanket™ reversible?

Each Luxe Blanket™ are made with one side faux fur, the other sherpa fleeced line. Whichever side you use, enjoy Luxe Blanket™'s maximum coziness.

Can I use Luxe Blanket™ as a sofa decor?

Yes, you can! Our Luxe Blanket™ are thoughtfully designed so that all parts of your home can have the added instant warmth.