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Limitless Reel™ Size and FAQ

Ultra-fishing Tackle: Our customers enjoy the easy-to-handle fishing reel that provides a premium and lasting feel. Streamline freshwater fishing with Limitless Reel™.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I switch the handle from my right to left handle?

Absolutely yes! Our reel has a universally made handle for easy hold.

What kind of water is it best for?

Our 2000 series spinning reel has a 0.002m - 150m line capacity with a maximum drag of 5kg that’s tailor-made for freshwater fishing. As a rule of thumb, we don’t recommend using the reel as your go-to brackish water and saltwater gear, although of course, you can still use it occasionally. 

Can it be used for fish like Salmon?

Since the reel has increased ball bearings for faster line retrieval, it’s perfect for fishing bass, walleyes, trout, redfish, and generally small to medium-sized fishes, not like Salmon. 

What kind of rod fits with the reel?

We recommend a light to medium sized rod. A heavy rod is too much for an ultra-light reel and probably couldn't stand up for a heavy rod.