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Heart Backer™ Size and FAQ

Delivered Promise: Trusted with our customer’s confidence, they enjoy a delivered promise of quality and unrivaled security with Heart Backer™.  An honest to goodness feeling, Heart Backer™.


Frequently Asked Questions:

How many pairs of Heart Backer™ do I get?

Each purchase comes with 4 pieces of the Metallic Combo, 2 pairs of Silver Heart Backer™, and 2 pairs of Gold Heart Backer™. Of course we want to make sure, you're set for any occasion! 

Does Hear Backer™ itch and tarnish?

Absolutely not! Our Heart Backer™ is made with Tibetan Silver to ensure premium construction.

Can the Heart Backer™ fit small piercings?

Each Heart Backer™ is constructed with refit technology so that even the smallest or the biggest piercings would comfortably fit your chosen earrings.

Can Heart Backer™ support my big hoops?

Yes! Of course we want you to enjoy your favorite accent earpieces. May it be dangling earrings for an evening ensemble or big hoops for a night out with the girls.

Does Heart Backer™ secure my earrings?

Our Heart Backer™ is masterfully designed to create a butterfly lock. This particular feature allows you to hold on to your irreplaceable earrings for dear life. No more misplaced or lost earrings with butterfly locks. 

How do you use Heart Backer™?

Simply slide the earring post into the Heart Backer™. Viola! You have nothing to worry about.