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Hair Tamer™ Size and FAQ

Absolute Freedom: Our customers use our Hair Tamer™  to enjoy absolute freedom. Freedom from pain, worries and tangles! 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can  Hair Tamer™ be used for thick and curly hair?

Absolutely yes! Our Hair Tamer™ is made for ALL hair types. The bristles are made from both nylon and boar hair, making it the perfect brush for thick, coarse, thin or even damaged hair! 

Do detangled hair strands get stuck in the brush?

Hair Tamer™ is made with easy glide technology, that way there would be absolutely no catch and drag. Everything is smooth just the way you like it to be. 

Does Hair Tamer™ work even with wet hair?

Yes! We understand the different conditions your hair has to go through, which could easily damage the very strand. Hair Tamer™ already saw that coming. We made sure that even in the most fragile state, your hair won’t be damaged.

Are the handles slippery? 

Our Hair Tamer™ handles are enclosed with a non-slip rubber to ensure comfort and security.

Does the brush hurt when you try to detangle hard to remove knots or curls?

Nope! Again, Hair Tamer™ is made from soft and gentle materials. It’s as if we’re massaging your scalp.