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Galactic Glow™ Size and FAQ

Infinite Possibilities: Our customers enjoy a light show of a spectacular level with Galactic Glow™'s wide range of customizable RGB light projector displays paired with its laser light projector. Galactic Glow™, bringing the cosmos to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Does Galactic Glow™ come with a charger?

Absolutely yes! Each Galactic Glow™ comes with a projector, charging cable, and a power brick for easy set-up. 

Is Galactic Glow™ compatible with my IOS devices?

Yes, it is! Galactic Glow™ has multiple device connectivity features for seamless control. You can link Galactic Glow™ by downloading the Smart Life App on any of your android and Apple devices.

You can also connect Galactic Glow™ to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri Shortcuts for the ultimate control- voice command.

Can I stop the laser from showing and just the colorful lights?

Through Galactic Glow™'s Smart Life App pairing you can conveniently create customized automation and settings. Such that you can decide on how the light and laser display would be projected and for how long.