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Floss Jet™ Size and FAQ

Fresher Days: Our customers enjoy not only cleaner pearly whites but the almost instant fresher breath. No food residues mean no tartar build-up that can lead to halitosis. Floss Jet™, better oral hygiene, and even better days ahead. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the replaceable nozzles for?

Our Floss Jet™ is made to address most if not all dental hygiene concerns. Each nozzle is specifically as the following:

  • Standard Nozzle: For basic and daily cleaning/ flossing needs.
  • Periodontal Nozzle: For cleaning the periodontal pocket to prevent gum problems.
  • Nasal Nozzle: For clearing nasal congestions.

Can I use Floss Jet™ even if I have sensitive teeth and gums?

Absolutely yes! Each Floss Jet™ has 4 different cleaning modes to help people with oral sensitivity concerns:

  • Normal Mode: Suitable for most people
  • Soft: Suitable for people who have not used a tooth cleaner before or those with sensitive teeth who are prone to bleeding
  • Pulse: An intermittent massage mode that massages gum meat and tongue.
  • Sinus: For people with a clogged nose.

    How do I know if Floss Jet™ is fully charged?

    Floss Jet™'s mode button light indicator flashes when charging and is solid when fully charged. It takes 4-6 hours to charge but can be used for one continuously.