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Flexi Wash™ Size and FAQ

Effortless Cleaning: Our customers enjoy the expandable, durable, and multi-functional garden hose that Flexi Wash™ provides.Flexi Wash™, untangling chore difficulties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Flexi Wash™ suitable for all types of faucets?

Absolutely yes! Our Flexi Wash™ comes with a standard connector to ensure that it would fit perfectly in any faucet. This also reduces leakage possibilities!

Is Flexi Wash™ easily unkinked?

Unlike ordinary garden hoses, Flexi Wash™ is tangle-free! Yes, it can be coiled up but it won’t form the irritating knot that reduces the water flow when extended.

Can I use Flexi Wash™ during winter?

Certainly yes! Our Flexi Wash™ is made with a TPE fabric that’s three times ticker than rubber hoses ensuring that it won’t easily break. In fact, our garden hose has anti-burst features so you can use it even during winter