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Flare Grill™ Size and FAQ

Effortless Barbecue: Our customers enjoy a meaningful gathering with family and friends that could seamlessly transition into the night. Flare Grill™, delivering more than just brighter lights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Flare Grill™ withstand the heat from the grill?

Yes, it can! Our Flare Grill™ is made to withstand the heat off the grill. For safety purposes, just don't let it lean upright against the hot metal, but a few inches away is okay.

Does Flare Grill™ work on charcoal grills?

Our Flare Grill™ has a powerful magnetic base that could simply stick on any magnetic surface. In most cases, it works on all types of grills!

Does Flare Grill™ provide enough brightness for a dinner barbecue?

Absolutely yes! Each of our Flare Grill™ has 9 high-density LED lights that deliver much-needed light.

Does Flare Grill™ only work as grill lights?

Flare Grill™ is multi-functional! It can be used as light as you try to fix your car, or as a portable flashlight when you camp. Anytime and anywhere that you need lights, Flare Grill™ is there for you!