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Fisher Vest™ Size and FAQ

Large Capacity Vest: Our customers enjoy the easy access compartments for all their go-to fishing pieces of equipment. Fisher Vest™, have everything within arm’s reach.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the fishing vest waterproof?

Our Fisher Vest™ is not made of waterproof fabric but you can still wade through shallow waters with the vest. Simply place items that can’t get wet on the higher pockets.

Can this fishing vest serve as a life jacket?

Yes, it can! However, you have to buy the buoyancy foam someplace else since Fisher Vest™ does not come with flotation foam. 

Can the vest fit petite individuals?

Absolutely yes! Our vest is one size fits all and can easily be adjusted to create secured custom-fit clothing. 

Does the vest rust when you wear it in saltwater?

Certainly not! Fisher Vest™ is made with premium materials like the EPE foam that helps prevent fungi growth on the vest itself. Just like any water activity wear, ensure that after every use it’s cleaned and dried properly.