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Compress Therapy™ Size and FAQ

Discomfort Relief: Our customers enjoy a quick and convenient legs and feet relaxation. Compress Therapy™, kneading the way to relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Compress Therapy™ manually inflated?

Absolutely not! For ease of use, each of our Compress Therapy™ is inflated through remote control. Quick set-up for longer rest and relaxation.

Can I adjust Compress Therapy™?

Yes, you can! With the adjustable velcro straps comfortably enjoy Compress Therapy. Just keep in mind that it's suitable for:

  • those with 16.5 inches to 28 inches thigh circumference
  • those a 13.5 inches to 19 inches calf circumference.

Does Compress Therapy™ have a safety feature?

Yes, yes it has! To prevent overheating caused by forgotten charged Compress Therapy™ especially for those who are in their senior years, Compress Therapy™ will automatically shut-off after 10 mins. 

Does Compress Therapy™ heal joint and muscle fatigue?

Our Compress Therapy™ is not meant to replace a physician nor is it a cure for ailments of joints and muscles. It simply provides relief on tiring and uncomfortable days.