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Case Master™ Size and FAQ

Functional Reliability: Our customers enjoy the practicality of a collapsible and adjustable design paired with charming designs. Case Master™, beautiful inside and out.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can Case Master™ stay up even if it has a few pens only?

Our Case Master™ is designed to stay upright on its own with the proper support of the elastic ring stitched around the case opening. However, we recommend placing as many pens and or brushes for further stability and utilization of its storage. 

Can Case Master™ fit my washi tapes?

Absolutely yes! Case Master™ can fit more than just washi tapes. It’s purposefully made to fit and organize bullet journal essentials and make-ups, too. 

Is Case Master™ collapsible?

Yes, it is! Each Case Master™ had an adjustable and collapsible feature for compactness.

Is Case Master™ washable?

Yes! Our Case Master™ is made with premium materials to ensure no deformation, fading, and breaking. It’s as durable as it can get!