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Canine Carrier™ Size and FAQ

Easy Carry: Our customers enjoy effortlessly traveling and vacationing with their fur buddies. Canine Carrier™, for a worry-free tag-a-long.

Frequently Asked Questions

What dog breed can I fit in each size?

For the medium size backpack, we recommend it for small breeds like a Corgi or Shitzu, or puppies weighing only 6-9 kgs. Breeds like a Shiba Inu and Bull Terriers or dogs that weigh 9-14 kgs, we recommend the large size backpack. 

Would I be able to do my daily jogs with this?

Absolutely yes! You can still enjoy an active lifestyle even with your dog as cargo. Unlike other dog backpacks, our Canine Carrier™ comes with a built-in adjustable waist and chest belt to reduce the bouncing effect.

Is this backpack TSA approved?

TSA guidelines specify that pet carriers must be fully enclosed such as the case with pet crates. Unfortunately, this backpack has an open-top design, however, you can still bring this for the trip. Just use a separate pet carrier for air travel. 

Is there a tail hole for the dog?

There’s no tail hole but there are paw holes for additional dog safety and comfort! 

What if my dog tries to jump out?

As fail-safe measures, the backpack has multiple protective locks including a circular elastic lock at the open-top head hole. The paw hole also helps keep the dogs in place while in motion.