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Beyond Tracker™ Size and FAQ

Modern Organization: Our customers enjoy the combination of technology and old-school sticker labels for a stress-free lifestyle. Beyond Tracker™, delivering efficiency all-day long.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Beyond Tracker™ notify you if you’re near the lost object?

Beyond Tracker™ sends both a red LED light emission and a loud beeping sound. For those in search of a misplaced object in the dark or those who have hearing troubles, the red light indicator helps locate the object. For additional notification, the receivers beep as loud as 80 decibels.

How long does the beeping sound last?

The beeping sound lasts for about 10 seconds. You can press the respective transmitter button until you find the item.

Does Beyond Tracker™ need a third party app?

Absolutely not! Our Beyond Tracker™ receivers are connected to the transmitter base instead of another device’s bluetooth connection.