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Beyond Boots™ Size and FAQ

Exceeding Expectations: Our customers enjoy the elegantly tough, Beyond Boots™, made to surpass harsh weather and difficult terrains with an appeal.  Beyond Boots™, experience higher than exceptional. 

Sizing Note: For those with bunions, wider feet, and/or longer toes, getting one size bigger ensures the most comfort.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Beyond Boots™ fit small sized feet?

Our Beyond Boots™ have sizes 4.5 to 10! Rest assured all are true to size so that you can enjoy blister-free footwear. 

Is Beyond Boots™ heavy to wear?

Absolutely not! Our Beyond Boots™ is ruggedly made yet it has a brilliantly lightweight feel. It’s struggle-free wear. It even has a side zipper for additional convenience! 

Does Beyond Boots™ have a thermal interior?

Beyond Boots™ has a fur-lining for maximum comfort and warmth. Walk with cotton-like softness at all times.

Does Beyond Boots™ have a rubber sole?

Yes, it does! More than the rubber soles, Beyond Boots™ has an abrasion-resistant rubber sole for added durability. 

Is Beyond Boots™ water-resistant?

Each Beyond Boots™is constructed with a waterproof upper surface to keep your feet dry and warm.