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Bare Wear™ Size and FAQ

Layered Protection: Our customers enjoy the intensive and extensive craftsmanship built to help protect the feet through land and water activities while providing lightweight performance. Bare Wear™, one shoe for all seasons.


Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the shoes true in size? 

Absolutely yes! Bare Wear™ provides a snug fit all while allowing optimum breathability with its moisture-wicking insoles and mesh construction.

Do you need to wear socks?

Since Bare Wear™ is made for both land and water, we recommend not wearing any socks to prevent any bacteria build-up that may occur from submerging the feet in water. Plus, wet socks aren't exactly the most comfortable.

Will it hold up when walking along a sandy beach?

Yes, it will! The flexible construction wraps around the ankle which acts as a seal to prevent sand from entering the shoes.