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Ageless Massage™ Size and FAQ

Youthful Glow: Our customers enjoy the rejuvenating and brightening effects of our portable facial massager. Ageless Massage™, aging like fine wine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use Ageless Massage™ as a substitute for my daily skincare routine?

Our Ageless Massage™ is meant to work in conjunction with your daily skincare products so the effects are stunning, mesmerizing, and a more gorgeous skin!

What’s the difference between the two facial massagers included in Ageless Massage™?

The dolphin tail massager is to smoothen and tighten the skin on your neck. While the other massager is to help combat acne, brighten dark spots, shrink pores, and smoothen and tighten the facial skin, too.

What are the different light indicators in Ageless Massage™’s dolphin tale massager?

The lights signify the three different sonic vibrations mode:

  • Blue light - Low gear mode
  • Green light- Medium-speed mode
  • Red light- high-speed mode 

What do the different lights in Ageless Massage™’s facial massager mean?

Each light has its own skin improvement features:

  • Red light- Accelerates absorption of nutrients found in the skin care products you use
  • Orange light- Brightens and lightens skin 
  • Blue light- For Acne repair