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Royale Massager™ (Pillow + Car Adapter + Plug)

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“The first evening I used this massager, I could feel and hear it crunching into my tight muscles. I was well into the next day when I realized I had been pain-free since using the massager. I used it the next night and then the 3rd night -- and when I felt my shoulder, it was soft to the touch for the first time years. I almost cried. The heat is just enough to offer more relief. Love it. Definitely one of my better purchases in years!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Penny Jenkins
Verified Buyer

A recent study shows that 88% of Americans agree that massages are effective in reducing pain. Honey, that’s why the magic hands of masseurs are unparalleled and highly sought after.

Bring home the luxurious spa and wellness made for royalty with Royale Massager™. The blend of modern technology and traditional shiatsu skills provides a restful state on any given day. Royale Massager™, a touch of paradise.


Kneading Node: There’s nothing worse than going to bed with backache, and all the other joint, and muscle pain. Our Royale Massager™ has different amounts of kneading nodes for better targeting of pain.

 Bi-direction Massager: There’s something magical about the calming hands of a masseur. Royale Massager™ replicates the relaxing bewitchment of any masseur with the clockwise and counterclockwise movement of the embedded massage balls. 

✅ PTC Heat Technology: What better way to feel spa-like warmth than the superior heating technology of Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) heaters. PTC creates a muscle-soothing intensity so much so that it can relieve painful period cramps! 

✅ Ergonomic Curve Design: Like a full-body massage, the Royale Massager™ wraps and rubs the neck, cervical, shoulder, upper and lower back, lumbar, abdomen, calf, and thigh areas. The perfect fit for the perfect spa day. 

✅ One-Touch Operation: After a long day, it is understandable everyone wants to simply do the bare minimum movement. So, Royale Massager™ made rest and relaxation easy with its one-touch operational buttons: On/off, magnotherapy ( for those with more than 4 kneading nodes), and speed.  The heating automatically operates underneath the kneading nodes. 

✅ Safety Mode: Heated pads can mean disaster without proper protective features. Royale Massager™ has an auto shut-off feature after 15 mins that essentially prevents overheating for the user’s safety. 

Portable: Long road trips are every bit exhausting but never with Royale Massager™. This on-the-go massage device comes with high-elastic shoulder straps, 3-velcros, and a car adapter!

Imagine working overtime or double shift on weekends, the one time you could just let your body relax after a tedious 9-5. Thankfully, you can always unwind with the portable Royale Massager™.

We understand the effects of weekday fatigue and sleepless nights, the body pain must be unbearable. Royale Massager™ is your on-call masseur that can remove all bodily tensions almost like an out of body experience in just one massage. 

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(1) Royale Massager™ Pillow
(1) Car Adapter
(1) Plug Style (US/UK/AU)


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